Treat Your Sciatic Nerve Pain with these Effective Treatments

Published: 13th June 2011
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If you are a person suffering from sciatic nerve pain, you must be searching high and low for treatments that will be effective to you. There is no definite cure for sciatic nerve pain but there are many methods and remedies that will greatly help in relieving you of the pain you are feeling and from avoiding the condition from reoccurring over and over again. You will know if its sciatic nerve pain if the pain emanates from the back and then goes down to your foot. You will feel numbness in your muscles which can be very painful. Now, you don't have to rush to the medicine cabinet for pain relievers, there are still other treatments that you can do to help alleviate the pain you are feeling and here are some of them:

The first possible treatment that you can do at home is to take an Epsom salt bath. Why Epsom salt? It is because Epsom salt is known to sedate your nervous system. It also helps ease stress and improve your sleep. This type of salt can be purchased in your local drug store. Just mix it in with the water in your bath tub and soak yourself for a warm and relaxing bath. Epsom salt also helps draw out toxins in the body. This method is great in calming the muscles in the body and to combat sciatic nerve pain.

The second possible treatment is taking a cold bath. This can be done before or after your Epsom salt bath. While hot water can help relax the body, cold muscles can loosen tight muscles and help with muscle inflammation. It also helps the blood circulation in your body and transporting oxygen to your muscles. And if your muscles are not inflamed and stressed, you won't experience any sciatic nerve pain. The next simple treatment is to rehydrate by drinking water. Never allow yourself to be dehydrated as your muscles can be dehydrated as well. And if this happens, your muscles can put pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The fourth treatment is to eat foods that are high in magnesium. The perfect example of high magnesium foods are peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds and cashews. If you are allergic to nuts, then you can eat banana instead. High magnesium foods can help instantly stop the sciatic nerve pain you are feeling so it is best to keep these foods handy at all times.

And the last treatment is to do yoga exercises. You will need to do yoga exercises that focus on your back muscles, to help reduce the back pain and pressure. Always consult a professional yoga trainer before doing any yoga poses. When feeling sciatic nerve pain, you don't have to panic and rush to your medicine cabinet just to take some quick pain relief, just try these treatments next time around.


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