Simple Home Remedies to Fight Sciatic Nerve Pain

Published: 14th June 2011
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Sciatic nerve pain is often a cause of pressure on the sciatic nerve caused by inflamed muscles around it. The sciatic nerve is very long which starts from the back and runs down to the legs. That is why when you start feeling sciatic nerve pain, it will start in your lower back going down to your foot and the pain is characterized by numbness and muscle weakness in the lower part of your body.

There is no definite cure to sciatic nerve pain but there are various ways to help alleviate the pain you are feeling. Sciatic nerve pain doesn't happen every day, it only occurs when there is pressure on your back and this is something that you can avoid. There are effective home remedies that can help you avoid feeling such pain but unfortunately for those with pelvic injury, spinal disk diseases and slip disks, they will have to face this pain more often.

To be able to help you relieve sciatic nerve pain, here are three ways that you can do at home: The first is to do special exercises for your back. If you have been standing or sitting too long, your back muscles can tighten and you will need to loosen them up. You can do back and legs stretching exercises to relieve the tension on your muscles. Aerobic exercises and core exercises will be a big help to your back as well. If you strengthen your back, there will be less pressure on your back muscles and you can avoid sciatic nerve pain.

The second way is to take a hot shower. This is the best and simple way to relax your body. Most people who suffer from this pain say that this method is very effective. Just dip yourself in hot water for at least an hour a day and these will relax your muscles. After that, follow it with a cold shower to stimulate blood circulation in your body. A proper flow of oxygen will help relax your muscles as well.

The third way is to take medication. Pain relievers can help you especially if the pain you are feeling is already excruciating. But it is not good to be dependent with medication as this can be addictive as well. It is always best to remedy an illness or sickness the natural way. And in the case of sciatic nerve pain, you can remedy the problem by making sure your muscles are always relaxed and free of pressure.


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