Easy Guitar Songs - What You Should Know

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Published: 21st January 2011
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In order to learn to play and master easy guitar songs, it is important to keep a few things in mind about them. There is a difference between having a song that is easy to play versus one that is easy to learn, for example. These and other considerations are vital to your ability to find and learn easy guitar songs that are usually quite popular for beginners to start with.

Simple Chords

Easy guitar songs are, first of all, generally use a few simple chords put together to make a tune that is both simple and still beautiful. For beginner guitar players, these chords are usually the first ones learned in your sequence of lessons, especially if those lessons are given to you via internet tutorials. These easy guitar songs for beginners usually use not more than three simple chords, and these chords are used in thousands of songs.

Added Techniques

The next aspect that most easy guitar songs that are slated for beginners include is some simple, easy to learn techniques for playing that many beginner guitar players have to acquire. These of course include things like "stop" chords (muting the strings), timing and strumming correctly or at the right speed. By incorporating these along with the simple chords, easy songs help teach beginners to play simple tunes to build skills. Another thing that most easy guitar songs incorporate into themselves are some basic techniques that many beginner guitar players have only recently acquired, such as strumming, timing and "stop" chords, or muting the strings. These basic techniques are also taught in online beginner lesson tutorials, and are generally followed up by an easy song that requires plenty of these skills.

Guitar Tabs

Many beginner guitar players use guitar tabs to help them learn to play simple guitar songs as they are first beginning. Guitar tabs are simple diagram-like drawings that are much simpler to read than sheet music, consisting only of as many horizontal lines as there are strings on the guitar and numeric representations of the fret that is supposed to be held down.

Finding Them

Easy guitar songs, according to some, can only be found if you have the right professional tutorial service or program that uses them, but this simply isn't true. Often it is as simple as looking online for guitar tab diagrams for the song or songs you want to learn first. Many free or relatively inexpensive tutorial sites also offer these easy guitar songs as follow-ups to different lessons, particularly on chords and basic techniques.


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